Kaspersky Total Security, 1 Year (3 Device)

Kaspersky Total Security, 1 Year (1 Device)
Antivirus software scans all the files that you open from the back-end, which is also termed as on access scanning. This software provides real-time protection which safeguards your devices from all kinds of threats and malicious attacks. With Kaspersky Total Security Antivirus, in addition to safeguarding your devices, you can secure your private life as well. It helps you keep your private life, private by securely storing your passwords and protecting your kids out in the digital world. The software provides the ultimate protection for - Windows, Mac and Android.

    Following are the unique features of Kaspersky Total Security (1 year- 3 Devices)Antivirus:

      • Provides protection against viruses, phishing, spyware and dangerous websites.
      • Combines the features of security and efficiency so that your devices can keep performing without any problem.
      • Simplifies the process of Security Management which saves you time, effort and hassle.
      • Protects your all devices with just one license for you to buy.
      • The software can be installed on 3 devices.
      • Helps provide protection against those intruding into your private life by providing total security.
      • Adds extra security when you shop or bank online - on your PC or Mac.
      • Automatically blocks inappropriate content and helps you manage the use of social networks.
      • Helps kids explore and learn in the digital world without any limits.
      • Secure Password Manager helps store passwords for easy access.
      • Its new Webcam Protection technology helps stop criminals from using your own webcam to spy on you.
      • Makes backup copies of photos, music, and files and encrypts data on PC.

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