Kaspersky Total Security, 2 Year (5 Device)

Kaspersky Total Security, 2 Year (3 Device)

viruses continually add to your defense against these internet dangers. They protect your devices and blocks banner adverts which let you filter out annoying spam messages. Kaspersky Total Security 2 Year (5 Device) is a new addition which along with providing the features of any other antivirus, provides much more.

Kaspersky Total Security 2 Year (5 Device) can be used on any kind of device. Whichever device you use to go online, its innovative security technology delivers multi-layered protection against harmful viruses. Furthermore, because it's easy to lose mobile devices, the antivirus comes with anti-theft features that let you lock, wipe and locate lost or stolen Android devices. It also automatically blocks phishing attacks that can try to steal your identity or money.

Following are its unique features:

  • Prevents the tracking of your web browsing habits and capture of your personal information.
  • Safe Money technology checks if the site you are using to shop, bank or pay online is secure by opening the website in a special, protected mode.
  • Parental Control features make it easy for parents to manage their kids' app downloads, prevent access to inappropriate web content and games, manage messaging on social networks and prevent disclosure of personal information.
  • Lets your devices manage the creation, storage, lookup and synchronization of your passwords.
  • Protects your files, music, photos and financial documents.
  • Its new Webcam Protection technology helps stop criminals from using your own webcam to spy on you.
  • A free My Kaspersky account lets you manage your security across all your devices.

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