Microsoft Office Outlook 2019 for Mac

Microsoft Office Outlook 2019 for Mac

Microsoft Office Outlook 2019 for Mac was principally used to send and receive emails but with time, it turned into a miraculous application with new amazing features. Previously some features were restricted to Office 365 subscribers which were made available to users in this latest version of Outlook. 

It is extensively used in big business firms and multinational companies to track data, expenses, managing contacts, note taking, journal, assigning tasks via customizable calendars, etc. It can be used as a secondary application with Microsoft Exchange Server and SharePoint Server for collaboration of multiple users. This can be achieved using shared mailboxes, calendars, Exchange public folders, SharePoint lists, fixing meeting schedules. If you are using a PC, then buy Microsoft Outlook 2019 for PC from us at reasonable rates.


• Use Focused inbox feature and prioritize your emails

You can use focused inbox feature to mark important emails and categorize them accordingly. The important ones, you can send to ‘Focused’ tab and the rest in the ‘Other’ tab. This email organization makes work very efficient and comes in handy while viewing priority emails quickly.

• Address people using @mentions

During a group chat or meeting invite, you can send mention anybody’s name with a ‘@’ sign and it will be highlighted which will make it easy for both the sender and recipient to convey and understand the message respectively.

• Customize the options according to swipe right/left feature

Now you can easily customize your most preferred and least preferred choices to swipe left and right. In this way, you don’t need to choose the same option again; Just swipe in that particular direction.
• Various email templates for better presentations

Create email templates with the information that never changes from one to another. First, compose a message and save it as a template, writing as much as you deem correct.

• Schedule email messages to send them automatically

You can easily delay or schedule them for later with this amazing feature. You don’t need to memorize them or recall them later. Just input the date and time on which you want to send the email and click Send. It will remain in the Outbox until sent to the recipient.

• Summary card for better email experience

It offers different packaged summary cards for different email formats like travel events. You need to enter information such as date, time, locations, confirmation number, etc.

• Effectively communicate with group chats

Want to create a group chat in Outlook? No issues! You can easily create and add members to the group; remove them as well at your will or as per need. Collaboration with Microsoft Outlook 2019 for Mac cannot get easier than this. Users can invite, add, and talk to various members in a single group just by sending the URL or email with an embedded link.

To download the Microsoft Office Home and Student suite, you can follow these steps below-

·       Switch on your system and open your browser.

·       Go to Office site for setup download.

·       Enter your product key printed on the receipt.

·       The installation will begin across your device.

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If you find any problem with the product that is against the Consumer Guarantee agreement, resort to these solutions.

·       Contact your nearest service center for help.
·       Get in touch with the respective department via online services.
·       If it is a downloadable product (software or e-Gift Card), seek help online.


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