Microsoft Outlook 2019 for PC

Microsoft Outlook 2019 for PC

Microsoft Outlook offers e-mailing services to users under the Microsoft Office suite. It can also be used as stand-alone software and is used to manage tasks, organizing data, collaborating with others, and web browsing.

With the new Microsoft Outlook 2019 for PC, one can use Accessibility Checker to make documents from accessible, a focused inbox to prioritize important e-mails, several templates for visual impact in documents, worksheets, presentations, fix meeting schedules across various time zones in the calendar, activate audio to read your emails aloud, delete emails while marking them ‘read’, set reminders, sort emails easily, receive responses to meeting requests and organize them accordingly, automated downloads of cloud attachments and so on. These new features and many others are available for use on Microsoft Office Outlook 2019 for Mac. Check out the list of features given below.


• Personalize your Outlook with different options

You can personalize your Outlook account with options like Create, Rename and Move Folders. Once it is installed, you can create folders to store emails by subject, client, etc. Just right click on the email and make a new folder. Now you just need to rename it and move it to whatever position to like.

• Better accessibility for viewing documents

This new Outlook feature gives users an opportunity to resolve the accessibility issue with just one click. The updated version comes with support for international standards and handy recommendations. This makes your documents all the more easily to access and edit.

• Prioritize your emails among others

With Microsoft Office 2019 for PC, users can create a focused inbox to prioritize important emails. This option separates your inbox into two categories-Focused and Other. Keep your important emails in the Focused tab and move others in the alternative location. Apparently, you can switch between tabs for a quick look any time.

• Make impressive presentations with SVG
This feature helps a user to make documents, worksheets and presentations easily and add a visual touch to them. Insert Scalable Vector Graphics to make interesting and impressive presentations with the various filters available.

• Set different time zones for meetings

You need to arrange a meeting and cannot fix a date or time? Use the time zone feature provided by Outlook. It allows you to schedule a meeting across different time zones up to three. You can add them to the calendar and pick a most favorable time and date according to everyone’s availability.
• Listen to your emails aloud

While doing multiple tasks at a time, you often don’t get enough time to do several things like reading a mail. Outlook has the ultimate solution for this. Taking the email service to a notch higher, Outlook offers users to activate audio for reading mail aloud while working on a different project.

To download the Microsoft Office Home and Student suite, you can follow these steps below-
·       Switch on your system and open your browser.
·       Go to Office site for setup download.
·       Enter your product key printed on the receipt.
·       The installation will begin across your device.

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If you find any problem with the product that is against the Consumer Guarantee agreement, resort to these solutions.

·       Contact your nearest service center for help.
·       Get in touch with the respective department via online services.
·       If it is a downloadable product (software or e-Gift Card), seek help online.


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