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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

The outlook is undoubtedly one of the best personal information manager introduced by Microsoft. It has a unique interface which is designed with outstanding features and can easily be accessed. It is the most popular email service provider and only limited email but as mentioned above it is a PIM. It has numerous programs that can make the user’s work easy with features like task manager, calendar, contact manager, note taking, journal, web browsing.

It becomes simpler to summon employees for meetings with Outlook and also supervise appointments by setting up start & end times. It simplifies the way you reach others and communicate. Once you download this, you can create an account for free.


Download Microsoft Outlook 2010

Download Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft is well-known for updating and upgrading its products to give a better experience to users. Same way Outlook 2010 is designed with some improvements. The new-to-do bar reflects your calendar, tasks and newly arrived email in one place. Users can even now share their schedules with others. Looking for more? Outlook 2010 has been enhanced with a new look, changes in emailing, communication, social networking, and search features. Some of the remarkable features are:

  • You can create groups to converse, collaborate, and share files and notes with others.
  • For business voice and video calls for real-time decisions, Skype is the best application.
  • There are separate tabs to execute various events at a time and making the tasks fast.
  • On various areas, there is an additional spell check feature.
  • For voice mail communication there is transcripts and zooming feature in the calendar.
  • To connect to the social network directly there is a new feature called Social connector that can also help to furnish contacts, attachments, and appointments.
  • On the ribbon there a new edge search tab which involves advanced criteria filters.
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Buy and Download Microsoft Outlook 2019

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019

Outlook 2019 has been designed with some amazing new features and improvements. Anyone using the Outlook 2010 can easily understand the changes done in Outlook 2019. The entire application has flattened look, monochromatic and featuring lots of white and gray with blue accents. At the bottom, you will see the sections for mail, calendar, people, tasks and much more.

Gone are the buttons and icons, you will see a touch mode, a bar with frequently used commands (reply, delete, move, flag, and mark). The features that are enhanced for you are:

  • The remolded interface with different colors.
  • New message preview which can show the matter without even opening every email individually.
  • A separate unread tab for unread messages which makes the task quicker.
  • Rapid commands to flag the email as read, spam, or unread.
  • Attachment reminder feature that’s reminds to attach files if would mention it anywhere in the message’s body.
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Buy and Download Microsoft Outlook 2016

Download Microsoft Outlook 2016

The latest and updated version of Outlook is Outlook 2016. It has plenty of features that are admired by users. It is fully safe and secure to use for accessing your email client. Some of the amazing features it holds are thread availability, quick message preview, push email support, journal, etc. The new features that have made the interface effective for Outlook 2016 users are:

  • Improvements in the calendar that can help to view multiple calendars, events and even weather forecast easily.
  • There are advanced search options.
  • All newly introduced themes following colorful, dark grey and white color.
  • It can easily manage the large volume of emails.
  • There are features of fast synchronization
  • Users can add screenshots in Outlook
  • There is Multi-step tasking with a single click
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Microsoft Outlook for Android and Mac IOS

The Outlook for Android and Mac IOS

Microsoft Outlook can be accessed on the various mobile devices let it be Android or iOS. It is easy to access and offers everything like other versions of Outlook. It has in-built device management abilities that can secure your info from hackers and scammers. You can easily connect with people with easier app interface to find, search, contact or mail.

It is available for Mac with similar amazing features. It can be installed on Mac OS x, 10.9.3 and above and on Apple Macintosh. All the features related to mail, calendar, tasks, protocols, and contacts are the same just minor changes are there like Unified inbox. For Android users, it helps connect all their email accounts, calendars, and files in one convenient spot. Outlook for Android even works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange.

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