Norton Mobile Security (1 Device/1 Year)

Norton Security Premium Household (5 Devices/1 Year)
Many people think that if they are using iOS devices than they are secured from every sort of cyber threats. Rather iOS devices are the chief targets of such scammers and cybervandalism. Everyone is well known for the fact that Apple devices are the most expensive. Thus, cyber criminal prefers targeting Apple users to get as much as profit possible by exploiting the user personal and financial details. Just like it don’t you think your iPhone or iPad also carries a lot of information which is openly vulnerable to such cybercriminals. Worry not; Norton brings you the all-new iOS app for its subscribers delivering influential and efficient security for your iOS devices. You can simply use Norton Security on your mobile by installing the app for the App Store.

• Get your iPhone protected from fraud and malicious websites and prevent it from those sophisticated threats. Norton’s Web Protection feature will safeguard you from getting tracked by hackers or other cyber criminals while using web-browser, apps, SMS, Email and other social networking sites.

• Advanced protection from unsecured Wi-Fi Networks by notifying you before you get connected. Moreover, with Wi-Fi security feature, you can prevent your Wi-Fi network from stealing and getting hacked. Norton will safeguard your personal or financial information from going into wrong hands through the websites you visit or by infecting your device with malware and it also prevents hackers from using your internet connection to perform illegal activities.

• Be up to date with the latest operating system and prevent your device from getting attacked by numerous vulnerabilities out there waiting to prey on you.

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