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Understanding Basic SEO

If you’re building a brand from the bottom up, you have to know how to market it and which audience to target. Internet marketing contributes to a good portion of company sales simply due to the sheer amount of users that you can target. It is not enough that you create a webpage for your product or service; you have to promote the page through search engine optimisation (SEO) that will garner more attention from users.

You have to understand to which extent to implement the SEO strategies. Reviewing the strategy repeatedly through different eyes will give you a more rounded perspective. Keywords are one of the main ways that bring users to your site. But this does not mean putting a large number of keywords is going to be necessarily better. By meeting up with internet marketing Perth experts, you can see where to practise restraint and how to keep things simple. For example, you can have up to five keywords or phrases per page on your website so as not to overwhelm the users who will visit.

A search engine will get an idea of what your website is about by the title tag. But this tag should be equal to or less than seventy characters and carry your business name along with the keywords that relate to the specific page. You also need to write the Meta description of the site to target the users who will be viewing the page. This description will show up in the search results so it is not just for the benefit of the search engine’s algorithm. Users generally type in keywords when they’re searching a query. And if this keyword happens to be in both the title tag and the Meta description, it will be bolded by Google. This is why it is so important to select the right keywords. The user will generally click on the link that they think is more relevant; this also means the link that carries the keywords entered into the search bar by the user. The content of the webpage is also significant for web traffic. The more content you carry, the more time will be spent by users on the site. It will also make your site more attractive to search engines.

There are other elements that help in further optimisation such as internet links and header tags. Having internal links to other pages that you carry in your website is just as important and having external sites linking your webpage. These links improve user experience and this is something that is valued by the search engines. Header tags can carry subheadings on the page breaking the content of your page into easily understandable sections. This is beneficial for both the users and the search engines. Images should also have good keywords so that they will show up in image searches. You have to check the effectiveness of the SEO strategies used from time to time as well by using a health check, identifying critical errors that affect the SEO actions and see what recommendations to consider on future revisions.